Thursday, 10 November 2011


I was rejected by a dating site. I never knew one could be rejected by a dating site, but apparently a computer out there thought I was not ready to even consider the future prospect of a relationship. 

I have accepted the fact that I am easy prey for the greedy. I simply cannot choose my own partner, in vivo. I thought online dating would be the modern equivalent of the good-old-matchmaker who is alive and well in the parallel universe I came from, but apparently, that is not the case.

My friend, Miriam, keeps complaining that she is 36 and has yet to get married. She argued that at least somebody thought I was "loveable enough to marry me". I told her it had little to do with me being loveable and everything to do with people wanting to free-load off of me because I am stupid enough to let them do that. She would not have it.

I have had random people pretending to be in love with me after having met me for a total duration of 4 hours. My seemingly legendary reputation for being a stupid goose that lays golden eggs, has reached all corners of the continent. Of course, it comes as no surprise that those who pretend to be enamoured with me are people who would be more than happy to marry me, so they, too, could collect alimony like that man, who did it the first time around. It is no coincidence, that these people are people whose options are quite limited on the occupational front. I used to shy away from discriminating against suitors for their earning potential, but find myself having no choice but to do so. How else can I prevent myself from falling flat on my face again?

Perhaps I can only be loved by my parents, my friends and the people I help at work. The latter two will also seek their best interest in their interactions with me but at least the damages of them doing so are manageable. Yes, I am whining, but life has not been a walk in the roses for me lately.

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